Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys

Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

12 days into the contest and I'm dazed and confused...

So I am sure many of you have been trying to get votes everyday.  I have had hope with all the marketing I have been doing and having my friends and friends of friends vote that I would pop up into the top 10 but it hasn't happened.  I sent Walmart an email asking for the vote counts so I could see how far behind I am. THey sent a note back saying at this time they do not display the voting counts.  The only positive thing I can say about the contest/top 10 is everyday there are a couple new (never been in the top 10) videos on the list.  Which means that 1 days activity can get someone enough votes to springboard them way up the rankings.  

However here are some of my other observations.  Many of the video that have been in the top 10 have only less than 300 views?  How can product be getting views with out people watching the video?  some of the videos in the top ten I watch and think, You have to be kidding me! (This one is NUMBER 4!!! )  This morning's top 10 has company (Grasshopper Outdoor Products) that hold 3 of the top ten spots.  They entered 3 videos and they hold spots 3, 6, and 7!  They average videos for these videos are just 500! 

I am very frustrated by the lack of details for the voting.  I can't wrap my head around how many votes these videos have.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 1 of voting is in the books and I am confused

I was following the leader board yesterday and there were 3 updates with the products bouncing into the top and others boucing completely out.  How many votes does the top video have? Walmart doesn't say.  Here is what is strange.  The top video this moring is for a product called "Wholly Salsa." I watched thier submission on youtube and the video only has 72 views!   The #2 vote getting is simalar with only 80 views!   This is definately a popularity contest.  If you have the contacts and can get them to vote for you it doesn't matter if they watch the video.  I am still in the motion of promotion.  Trying to get as many people to vote for me as possibile.  Good Luck eveyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still some small change...We are now at 4,056 videos!

Well the folks at Walmart are still working on the contest.  We are now UP a couple videos and still waiting for our voting rules email. Geez, I thought for sure we (the contestants) would get some time to understand the voting rules.  I want to make sure I follow them.  How many times a day can I/someone vote? can we only vote for one product once or once a day? can only vote once per device/computer/ or once per IP/MAC address?  Maybe once per YouTube account?  Can I do a give away for votes? Can I send visitors to my Walmart page from my website? I am guessing we will get and email some time tonight about voting.  Looking at what other contestants are doing for promotion I think many that will be recruiting people to vote for them will be able to get to 100 votes.  I think getting to 500, 1000, or 5,000 will be very difficult!  I think the winners of the Doritos' Crash the Superbowl contest were able to get a little over 6,000 votes.  What will it take to be in the Walmart top ten?  I don't know but I would guess over 1,000!  Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We went down by 1 video!

As of Sunday night we are now at 4,051.  This number only changed by one.  This is great news.  Hopefully the videos are now finalized so that first thing Monday morning we get the "How Voting works" email.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A little more movement...

Here is just a quick update.  This mornig we are at 4,052.  That is up 3 videos!  we are diffinately leveling out.    If I have access to my computer I will update this again tonight.  Howver, remember last week they did take the weekend off.  I would imagine they deserve a break this weekend too.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Now I'm REALLY confused?!?

I just did my mid day check on the number of accepted video and the count is now 4,049! We dropped 11 videos! Is Walmart now going back through the video and deleting the duplicates? Did they just remove the broken video links? I wonder what they are up to? Let's see what my end of the day check comes up as.

On a side note, I am thinking a lot about voting. I had assumed the contest would just count the number of people who vote for an individual video. This is where I was really thinking this contest's first voting round was more about promotion than anything else. However what about this ZINGER..... What if each video is rated from 1 to 10 (10 being best) on how much it is liked? Then video's with the 10 highest ratings move onto Round 2 !?!? This is how the Doritos "Crash The Super Bowl" contest was run. The scary thing was is one of the competitors were asking people to vote down other entries! I am really starting to over think this voting. Please Walmart email come soon so I can stop speculating!!!

We are very close to a final number of accepted videos!!!

In the last 24 hours Walmart has only added 10 more videos. Our count stands at 4,060 this morning. This is great news! In the days previous Walmart was still adding 100 to 200+ videos. With only 10 being added in the last 24 hours I think it's safe to assume they are almost finished viewing all 5575 submissions. Let's take a peek at some of the numbers I was following earlier. The first one I was following was acceptance rate. The rate was pretty low. Last I calculated it the acceptance rate was 46%. Today it is at 72% ! I wonder why some video took longer to approve? Technical issues (some video are still broken), Content issues, Manpower to approve videos? I don't think we'll ever know. Whatever it was they are straightening it out. It's great that they are working hard to make sure everyone who entered gets a shot to compete.

I noticed something else on YouTube that I thought was interesting. Do you remember the first Walmart video announcing the contest on YouTube shows it to have only 6,647 views! I find this very surprising. The contest generated 5,575 entries. This means there were only 1,072 views extra views! Heck I was probably half of those :) I find this puzzling! On Jan 18th Walmart made a big splash announcement about the contest and I would have guess the video would have gotten a BUNCH of views from it. I mean as soon as you went to the video started playing! Even if you stopped/paused the video, that would have counted as a view. It makes me wonder how many of us competitors are going to just enter it and cross our fingers hoping that our product will win? I would also wager that Walmart will promote the site again asking visitors to vote for their favorite videos.  Will that only draw 1,000 more peopl other than the competitors to the site?

I am really not this much of a math guy but let's looks at another estimation. Right now the page is displaying 30 videos, which 4 of them change every 3 seconds. Doing some quick math that means 1 of the 4060 video would flash up in these 30 videos ONCE every 51 minutes!! Then the visitor would have to pick your video out other the other 29 while it is being displayed and vote for it. WOW. I sure don't like those odds.

Ok enough of me and my calculator this morning! I'll check the count and update this posting in the comments section! Good luck all. I hope we receive our Voting email ASAP!!!

By the way I found another contestant blogging about the contest.  Check out their blog:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

and we are now over 4,000!

This morning's count has us at 4,050 videos.  I'll check in on the count at mid-day and again at the end of the day and post a comment to this blog entry for the latest video count.

Now officially I have stopped my quest to watch all the Walmart video entries. However, I do enjoy watching most of them.  So I have still been watching more video's here and there.  While there are a couple companies/individuals who have 2 or 3 video's posted I have found one guy who has entered at least 15 videos! Most are just concepts. He talks to a camera and describes what problem he is trying to solve and then uses hand gestures to describe what his solution would be. I did a little more research on this guy and found out he was the first person to present one of his products on Shank Tank last week (Feb 24, 2012 - Episode #302.)  All I can say is wow! He got eaten up and spit out. Most of them didn't trust this guy.  If you missed it here is a link to that show: 

Anyway my point is I think people who have multiple products in this contest are going to have to pick one and promote only it.  If you are promoting multiple products you will be splitting your votes.  I actually had 3 videos accepted but I will only be promoting ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath Toys.