Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys

Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys
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Monday, February 27, 2012

The number of total acepted Video Climbs to 3,683!

Yes there have been another 234 videos added to the Walmart Get On The Shelf Contest. I thought there was a chance that the number stayed unchanged because of the weekend.  Looks like the people at Walmart are back working hard making sure everyone who entered this contest get a fair shot.

I have been back at trying to watch all the videos.  I thought I had caught up a bit and have now watch about 30% of the video accepted into the contest.  I have been keeping some notes and will blog about some of the things I have found in tomorrow's post.  I will let you know the longest and shortest videos I posted earlier are still holding their spots.  The average video length is still right around 2 minute 11 seconds.    Using this average and the new 3683 number for total videos in the contest, Walmart had more than 134 hours of content!  So far I have gotten through about 36 hours!  I still have 100 hours of videos to try to get through.  I honestly don't know if I will make it before the 7th when voting starts.  More to come tomorrow.

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