Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys

Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Walmart's 'Get On The Shelf' Contest ends Feb 22nd!

The contest is in full swing.  With just 7 days left to enter Walmart's Get On The Shelf contest now has over 1300 videos entered!!! Last time I posted we were 8 videos from 1000. Well, we have gone way over.

To date, by my calculations there have been more than 2800 videos submitted to the contest.   The acceptance rate has increased to about 46%.  This is up from 36% (based on my unofficial findings from the website.)  I am going to project that on Feb 22nd there will be roughly 2000 video/product contestants.  That is a lot of videos to watch and it will be interesting as to how people will vote. You’ll see in my next paragraph it’s going to be tough for voters to actually watch them all!

As I stated before I am doing my best to watch every single video.  As I am going through them I am taking some notes.   I have a couple updates for the longest and shortest submissions to date. So far the longest video I have seen submitted in a whopping 19:14 seconds long!   I have also found the new shortest video.  This video is 8 seconds long! The average length of the videos I have watch is about 90 seconds.  

I am about 25% of the way through watching all the videos (and more are added every day.)  If we do some projections based on the numbers above we can safely assume this contest has generated enough submissions to run for 32.5 hours without a repeat submission ( 90 sec x 1300 submissions /60 = 1950 minutes. Then 1950 minutes/ 60 = 32.5 Hours) It will someone more that one day and a half just to watch them all straight through (and we still have 7 days for more entries!)

On a side note I have also found a couple companies that have multiple submissions for the same video.  I am not sure how Walmart will handle these.  We’ll have to wait to see.  Let's see what these last 7 days bring.  If you haven't entered yet you need to get on it! Good Luck to all the contestants.

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