Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys

Introducing ZooPoo Kids Shampoo and Bath toys
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

That's it People, no more submissions!

Ok, I woke up this morning early to check out the new totals.  We have a final number for number of submissions.  That is 5574 video submissions! There can not be any more, so this number is a final.  Congrats to everyone in the contest.  The other number I have been following is the number of videos accepted.  This morning that number stand at 3,023.  However,  on the page this morning it states they are still adding a videos that were submitted before the deadline. So the 3,023 number should grow some. Overall this is an outstanding responds to this contest!
I'd like to point out that this is only the first year of this contest.  I was also following the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl"  contest (where people create their own ads and the winner's ad will run during the big game) this year.  This is Doritos 5th year for having this contest.  In year one of the "Crash The Super Bowl" contest in 2007 they had 1065 entries! This year the contest had 6,100 entries.  For this being the first year of the Walmart Get On The Shelf  Contest, we can expect big things from this contest in the coming years.
Now follow up on some numbers I have been watching. First of all the longest (19+ minutes) and shortest (8 seconds) videos I found are still holding their spots.  I have also been averaging the length of videos as I watch them.  The average is still at 2 minutes 13 secs.  With 3023 videos in the contest, Walmart Get on the Shelf contest has over 111 hours of video content.  That means it should take 4 days and 15 hours to watch all the videos before voting.  How many people are going to be able to that? 
Now let's take a look at estimated odd for moving onto round 2.  As I am viewing the all the video submissions, I have noticed there are a few repeats and a few that are broken. Let's reduce the 3023 videos by 5%  making our entry number 2871. With only 10 videos moving on to Round 2 the estimated odds of moving on are 1 in 287.
That's a heck of a lot better than the lottery!  I hope ZooPoo Kids Shampoo is one of the lucky ones!

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